What LED Wall You Should Choose and Why… | LED Video Wall Price

As digital signage technology continues to expand, digital displays are increasing in size. You may be familiar with the term LED Video Walls or LED Displays.

Video walls aren’t just made for a giant billboard, they can also be used in a variety of places where disseminating information is important and advertising is possible. The greater number of people associates big items with high price and overlook the holistic function of the product. We lay out a few guides for you to consider, some of the thoughts that commonly overlooked while comparing LED video wall price.

Generally, businesses should focus on image quality, reliability and other aspects that help you choose an option that performs consistently at optimum levels for the long term.

Image quality and brightness are driving qualities for businesses to consider when looking at LED video wall price. Understanding the pixel pitch in the LED solutions can help you to decide whether the LED video wall price that you are paying for is in par with your expectations. The real challenge actually lies in maintaining a constant brightness over the entire wall, over time. Things that you should ask include the consistency of colours all over the wall.


The location where the LED Video wall is installed is equally important in influencing your choice. You need to identify whether you require LED display screen for an indoor or outdoor environment. In outdoor locations, LEDs are exposed to harsh weather conditions such as direct sunlight, humidity or rain – and of course, much more wear and tear due to the fluctuations with the weather. This being said, it will definitely influence the LED video wall price. Led video walls are also an attractive option for indoor video walls, since they provide a high level of resolution and image quality in well-lit environments.

In the long run, the LED video wall price that you invested can be equivalent with the values you seek in terms of durability. LED screen displays live up to demanding 24-hour use, making them ideal for public spaces and corporate applications, among others. They are made to withstand tough environments. They do not get damaged easily. Besides, they are easy to maintain. If in case the LEDs fail to function, a single part can be replaced quickly and servicing can be done on-site. This considerably reduces the downtime of the LEDs.

Last but not least, business owners should also take into account the total cost of ownership which includes the longevity, system equipment power consumption, cooling requirements reliability and serviceability. Of course, simplified mounting and low-cost maintenance helps to make them a cost-effective.

Technology has improved so that even a budget-priced system might “do the trick”, it is important to resist the temptation to cut corners based on the surface LED video wall price especially when your demand is in quality and durability (especially in sharpness of image display) instead of saving cost. It’s a worth while investment with returns in the future as people get attracted and convinced to use your services or buy your products.

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